your project.

your project.

Automatic CI/CD, managed infra and all done from dev to prod with zero config.

Codesphere is all in one:

  • Online Code Editor
  • GitOps
  • Cloud Provider

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Codesphere lives in your browser and deploys, tests and scales TypeScript - as you type.

Try a new framework or build full-stack microservice architectures with high availability and security requirements - anything is possible.

The most efficient workflow for WebApps with literally no config!“


Code together with git+, pull requests and real time collaboration right in your IDE.

Leverage productivity with all the smart IDE features that you love.

For me Codesphere is the best way to work on a project with a friend. Collaboration becomes so easy and smart.“

Your code is
primed for success.

Your code is live, instantly scalable, on prod & dev clusters, monitored with user tracking, and fully tested.

It can be exposed to the public, only to you, to your team, or within your organization. Start new ideas just like that.

Codesphere takes over CI and CD, but still nothing is hidden from me. I can edit all the config files if I need to.“

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Flexible Infrastructure.

Flexible Infra-structure.

Your entire environment workflow - connected

Never start from scratch

Bootstrap projects, reusable web components and services for all the technologies in the market.

Easy to connect

Datacenters of your organization, or managed by Google Cloud, Azure or AWS

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Codesphere is a collaborative, interconnected programming environment that thrives software innovation.
Start new ideas just like that - production ready, with reusable containers (pods).